Kate Chaudoin
animation and illustration



 Applesauce is a personal project I started working on towards the end of my undergrad about an apple ready to leave home to seek a more exciting life beyond their tree in a world where certain sentient fruits and vegetables coexist amongst humans. Exploring the characters and the world of Applesauce has sort of paralleled my thoughts and feelings on myself growing up, leaving home, making mistakes, experiencing setbacks and making a life for myself.


Our main character, Apple, is energetic, impulsive, friendly, and proud. Apple thinks they can take on the world and be the hero that nobody asked for but ends up usually getting into trouble, usually with the The Bird who has a taste for apples. Spending most of their existence corralled in the orchards just outside of town, Apple is determined to show the world they’re more than produce

Also part of the main cast is Maddie, an 19-year-old human girl, who’s never really left her small town and has never really felt the need to. She’s got a job at a movie theater, goes to classes at the community college, and does what she’s told. Everything’s generally always been laid out for her and she’s never really had to think for herself— until she meets Apple.