Kate Chaudoin
animation and illustration

Motion Capture Experiments

Motion Capture Experiments


Mocap Monster

Co-programmed with Kaleb Crawford.

Made in Processing

What we tried to do was alter the human figure by reading the BVH mocap data in different ways. Instead of drawing the limbs in the correct order as stated in the BVH, we duplicated some limbs and attached them to alternate joints to create some weird multi-limbed monster figure. 


Robo Space Face

Real-time facial puppet made in processing using FaceOSC.

“ Hilarious... The dedication & attention to detail (and not straying from the simple aesthetic) makes it work. Perfect starting point for a funny interactive music video. You need to port your project to a single-serve website with clmtrackr and p5.js. So good."

          -Kyle McDonald (Creator of FaceOSC)


Kate vs. Gary

Working with my good pal, Xiaoguang Gary Zhu,  and thinking of some Ian Cheng's generative animations, we set up a generative volleyball game between Team Kate and Team Gary. I used some shakey photogrammetry to create models of ourselves and parented their rigs to some found motion capture data and some that we recorded ourselves. From there Gary used some flocking algorithms in Unity to make the teams run towards the ball and send it back the other way.

Me sporting a good ol' retro-reflective unitard (photo creds to Gary)

Me sporting a good ol' retro-reflective unitard (photo creds to Gary)